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For the first few years, Tate was devastated to lose Violet from his life. He cried and cried. It was so hard living next door to someone who used to be his lover, and then couldn’t stand him. 

10 years after Violet told Tate to go away,he was 27, employed at a real estate company and finally over Violet - and still living in the neighborhood, but not in the same house - a new family moved into his old house. Tate decided it would be nice to bring the family a welcoming gift, so he - get this - baked some brownies and brought them to the new family, the Fitch’s. There was Mrs. Fitch (50 years), Mr. Fitch (48 years), Ella (18), and Cole (18).

Tate was now 30 and Ella was 21, they were dating for 2 and a half years when Tate proposed to her. They would be married on August 21st, 2013. They were happy together, the Langdon’s loved Ella and the Fitch’s loved Tate. They were like a match made in heaven. 

One day, Tate and Ella were out for dinner and Tate got a phone call. The number popped up on his screen, not knowing the number Tate decided to pick up the phone, luckily. “One second, baby.” He said to Ella, standing up and walking away from the table.

It could be my boss, maybe he got a new number. Or maybe it’s mom. Maybe she finally got rid of the old goddamned flip phone. He thought. He thought wrong.

“Hello?” Tate said into the phone, after clicking the ‘answer’ button.

“Yes, is Tate there?” A young woman answered. Her voice sounded far too familiar to him.


“It’s Violet.” The voice answered


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    she felt him release himself into her and she leaned her head back in pleasure.
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    Tate felt himself about to cum and let Violet know. He leaned his head back and grabbed onto her hips.